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April, Always April


War clouds may be gathering over the Koreas. Again. And the timing couldn’t be worse to those who know history. Because April is when America most often goes to war.

Fate has a thing for April. It loves unleashing major events then. More serious history has been made in this one month than any other: Paul Revere’s ride (1775); Lincoln’s assassination (1865); Jesse James killed (1882 – click here for more); the Titanic sank (1912); Martin Luther King’s assassination (1968), plus many more.

Here’s another little-known fact: the majority of American wars began in April. Continue reading

The Original Fake News

A Reporter’s Goof Made Americans Party Like Crazy

Holy Cow

Roy-NY JournalWe’re hearing much these days about fake news. Don’t worry – I’m not touching that discussion with the proverbial 10-foot pole.

But fake news isn’t new. A century ago one incident of it drove America into a frenzied celebration. The problem was, it wasn’t factual. Here’s how it happened. Continue reading

Sgt. Stubby, Canine Combat Hero

The Lovable Mutt That Made America Proud

Holy Cow

good-openHeroes come in many varieties. There are Super Heroes, everyday heroes, unlikely heroes and yes, even four-legged heroes. This story is from the latter category.

A while back, I told you the tale of the real-life pooch who popularized the famous saying “a dog is man’s best friend.” (Click here to read it.) Turns out a dog is a good comrade to have at your side in the thick of battle, too. Continue reading

Open War Aboard the “Peace Ship”


Holy Cow

ford-and-carBlessed are the peacemakers, the Good Book tells us, for they shall see God. But Scripture says nothing about the attempted peacemakers, for they shall see spectacular failure.

Exactly 101 years ago a famous American tried (in John Lennon’s later words) to give peace a chance. And all he got in return was ridicule and a huge hit to his bank account.

Let me tell you about Henry Ford and his disastrous Peace Ship. Continue reading