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“Like Tupper, I’ll tell you like it is—this book is a delight! A funny, affecting and disturbingly accurate look at American elections and the politicians who all-too-often stumble through them. A must-read for my fellow political junkies.” –Michael Graham, Talk Radio Host and frequent Fox News contributor

Now, we need you to tell people about Tell It Like Tupper. Here’s how you can help build the buzz about this charming story.

Tele-Talk Tupper with your Book Club
Tell It Like Tupper is perfect material for your book club. After you’ve finished reading and discussing it, J. Mark Powell will gladly spend an hour talking with your club members by telephone, answering your questions and giving author insights into the story, its characters, and the seven-year path it took to reach publication. Click here to book this unique opportunity for your book club; we promise it will be an event to remember!

“Tell Ten About Tupper” and get a special gift!
Wouldn’t your friends, relatives, neighbors, and work colleagues enjoy reading this story? You know they would! To help spread the word, J. Mark Powell will send a gift to the first 100 people who volunteer to tell ten people about this book. A specially-designed Tell It Like Tupper bookmark is only available on this website – you can’t buy it in stores. It’s a small way of thanking you for taking time to tell the people in your life about this enjoyable story.

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