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A MUST-READ!    This isn’t your average political book – it’s funny, sweet, insightful and inspiring. It’s a page-turner and should be a required reading for anyone thinking of running for office.  -Tricia O., Georgia   (Read more)

GREAT STORY   This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I’m not really a political junkie, but this was just an overall great story to read. The characters were well developed, and I really cared about them. I would and will recommend this book to anyone.   -David L.    (Read more)

THE STORY WILL KEEP YOU ENTERTAINED   Readers should treat themselves to the timely, home-spun election-season tale. Powell stirs a delicious, literary stew containing a compelling plot; colorful characters; sprigs of Midwestern metaphors; more than a pinch of Washington, D.C. skullduggery; and hearty dollops of common-sense and moral clarity.  The story will keep you entertained throughout.      -Rick R., Georgia   (Read more)

LOVED IT!    The story line hooked me very quickly and I couldn’t stop reading. Gives a different perspective of the election process without getting bogged down in the details. Focusing on the personal stories made me cheer for the people themselves. Highly recommend this one.    –Debbie S., South Carolina   (Read more)

I SWEAR   As a veteran of many New Hampshire campaigns, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I swear I have met many of its characters. The author does a wonderful job drawing the reader into this wonderful story.    -Sean T,. New Hampshire  (Read more)

SO WELL-WRITTEN, YOU’LL THINK IT’S TRUE    J. Mark Powell brings to life such interesting characters, in such a masterful way, you’ll forget they are not real. Powell captures the intensity, and heated drama, of major league politics in such a way that elicits a full range of emotions. He should know, he’s been there! You don’t have to like politics to enjoy this story. In fact, if you hate them, you’ll likely to enjoy it more. Excellent read, extremely well-written!      -Matt W., Indiana   (Read more)

I’D LIKE TO MEET “TUPPER”   Powell’s book is well-written with a good storyline. Like any good story, you end up rooting for the good guys and hoping that justice prevails for the bad guys. The characters are well developed. Throughout the book you skip from viewpoint to viewpoint, male and female, without losing track of the action or flow.  If only there was a presidential candidate as smart, capable and likable as the one in this book!   -Laura A., South Carolina     (Read more)

GREAT STORYTELLING    Just when you think this is a naïve little tale about how we wish politicians would act during campaigns, watch out for sharp turnsReaders outside the nation’s heartland will learn a few things…about how Midwesterners express themselves, and what they express themselves about. It’s PG (no “F” bombs whatsoever” and you’ll find it a page-turner.    -Terry R., Illinois     (Read more)

A TERRIFIC, COMPELLING READ  This is a compelling story about a man–not a political figure, but a regular Joe–and his all-too-typical family. Except…they aren’t typical. This novel delighted and surprised me. My wife, who consumes novels constantly but has no interest in politics, really enjoyed “Tell It Like Tupper,” too!              -Michael G., Massachusetts     (Read more)

TELL IT LIKE TUPPER IS TERRIFIC!    Fabulous characters, fascinating tale… I’m already picking who should play the lead roles in the film. Ahhh, if only a candidate today really would tell it like Tupper… he’d have our votes for sure!                 -Shari S., South Carolina     (Read more)

A GREAT READ   This is a great read. The political insights are real and they are substantial. But, more than that, it’s a very human story about character and values. And how life changes us all. Well worth your time.   -Mike L., Georgia     (Read more)

GREAT READ   This is a book that everyone will enjoy, not just those who like political
literature. Too bad this story couldn’t happen in today’s political climate.   –Ruth M.  (Read more)

BOTH ENGAGING AND ENDEARING   J. Mark Powell has written a story that’s both engaging and endearing. The behind-the-scenes look at the political process is enlightening, but never dull or heavy handed. When I finished it, I realized the country needs a Tupper now,
more than ever.      –William O., Georgia     (Read More)

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