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Anna’s Odd Odyssey


Holy Cow

[Spoiler Alert: The payoff to this tale is at the very end. Please stick with it for the surprise conclusion.]

anna-cuAnna’s life was remarkable. Never in Holy Cow! History’s long and fabled existence have I shared a tale involving (in no particular order) bohemian artists, a Russian czar, a Confederate surgeon, a railroad found on the Monopoly board … oh, and one of the world’s most famous works of art, too.

Let me tell you how she wove all those diverse threads into a single amazing tapestry. Continue reading

Mon Dieu! The real story behind Napoleon’s famous pose

Napoleon - Famous image

When you hear the name Napoleon Bonaparte, what comes to mind?

French guy. Funny hat. Josephine. Short. Hand-in-coat.

Napoleon is one of the most iconic figures in the world, right up there with Ronald McDonald and that annoying 1970s Smile face. He was a personality so large, he’s known by one name, like Cher and Madonna (proof you’ve really hit the big time).

Yet despite his continued superstar status almost 200 years after his death, nearly everything we associate with him is wrong. Continue reading