Holy Cow! History Update

What the heck has been going on?


Dear Frequent Reader:

You’ve probably been asking, “What the heck has happened to Holy Cow! History? He hasn’t posted since last summer. Has it gone away?”

No, it hasn’t. And I owe you both an apology and an explanation.

My elderly father became ill in early August. He passed away in October. As you can imagine, that consumed every minute. I should have posted something here explaining my prolonged silence, but I didn’t. And for that I ask your forgiveness.

But rest assured, Holy Cow! History hasn’t gone away. In fact, I’ve kept a list of new fascinating, forgotten stories and am eager to share them.

I’m moving cross country this weekend. So please indulge me just a little while longer; then it will be back to business as usual for Holy Cow! History by mid-January.

I’ve really missed sharing these forgotten tales from the past, stories that would have made grandma blush (see the photo above). So look for Holy Cow! History’s return next month. Till then,

Wishing Everyone a Fantastic 2019,

J. Mark

4 thoughts on “Holy Cow! History Update

  1. Walter Sobchak

    My condolences. the death of a father is never easy for a son. May the source of comfort, comfort you and those who mourn with you.

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